Video Game Night

by Norman

28 Dec

My friends always make fun of me because I never had dated a woman and I am 23 years old. A couple of months ago we were hanging out at my house playing video games and all the jokes started again. I am to shy to go out and hit on woman and I really do not want to pick one up at the bar like they do. We started drinking and ended up going back to the beer store several times, I drank way more than I should have that night!

I really don’t remember what happened that night, just bits and pieces. When I woke up in the morning I had my arms wrapped around a companion from the London escorts agency. She told me that my friends paid for her to stay the night with me and that it was over $1000. I really hope that they realize that I am not paying them back!

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1 Dec

I had been planning for a family reunion that was out of town for about 8 months. There was so much to plan and I was in charge of just about everything. Putting together the food menu was pretty easy, everyone that was attending was to provide a dish, munchies, drinks and paper products. I [...]

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